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LA PLANCHA is a cooking appliance composed of a smooth enamelled cast​​​​-iron surfa​​ce for searing foods – a cooking method that preserves their flavour through caramelization of juices. This “cooking by contact” style has been growing in popularity for a number of years in France, as it meets consumers’ culinary expectations: rapid cooking,​​​ delicious taste, healthy fat-free dishes, and easy to clean.​

The LA PLANCHA is the perfect stylish addition to any home/boat/horse truck etc, with easy healthy cooking on enamelled cast iron hotplate, easy to use and simple to clean with collection cup ​in the:

  • Domestic market for the perfect outdoor cooking experience;​
  • Motel/hotels for guest outdoor cooking, with the ease of cleaning and care;
  • Recreation vehicle market;
  • Marine market with the option of the built in hotplate with closeable lid.

View video to see how easy the La Plancha is to use:




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Congratulations to Caleb Basel on winning the online ticket ​prize draw for the La Plancha Tradition 60 at the recent Auckland on the Water Boatshow 2014.​

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• Healthy, diet-conscious fat-free cooking thanks to the sheet of enamelled cast iron (no contact with flame).

• Delicious results ​thanks to the appliance’s heating power (360°C​): foods are seared – crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside – and keep their taste and visual appeal. You will reach the Maillard reaction after 13-14 minutes of preheats.

• Easy and inventive cooking: you can cook anything - from meats, vegetables, fish, and seafood to fruit (casseroles and double-boiling) - and the appliance is ready for cooking very quickly (heats in five minutes).

• Quick, easy cleaning with water and no toxic detergents (Eno advocates the use of Plancha Cleaner, a 100-per-cent natural clay-based product).

•  People-friendly cooking: unlike a barbecue, La Plancha brings people together because there is no unpleasant smoke to avoid. Everyone can participate and make taste gourmet recipes.

• No loss of productivity as two courses can be cooked in rapid succession after a simple deglazing.​​​​​



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